Eastmas time

I can’t believe what I see outside a window. Ground is covered in snow and it’s snowing since few hours!

I don’t remember the last time that Easter was cold and white. Usually these few days were kinda warm, even if before or after weather became bad again. But Easter was always warm. Always.

Everyone is talking about global warming, but I don’t see it. I even heard today that spring may disappear soon totally. From winter we will go directly to summer.

And I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. It’s not cold anymore, but also not too hot. It’s lovely warm, birds start singing, flowers start blooming,sun is out most of the time, clouds are beautiful and days are longer.

It’s the best season. I hope it will come soon and that it’s just a temporary mistake of Mother Nature. We have 6 seasons in Poland and now what? We are going to have only 2? Summer and winter? It would totally suck!

Dear spring, please come here! We miss you!


Why I ‘love’ winter

  • My favorite winter beauty treatment is freezing to the bones.
  • I love having melted snow in my shoes making my feet frozen. I simpy truly love it!
  • Nothing is sexier than ugly boots, puffy jackets and wooly hats damaging your hair.
  • I really enjoy getting up from hot bed to feel cold in the house.
  • It’s really cool to wait for a plane to depart 6 hours longer.
  • The best winter jewelery are frozen tears on eye lashes.
  • My favorite winter workout is a walk on pavement covered with ice.
  • It’s really nice to wake up an hour earlier just to shovel snow and unfreeze the car.
  • My most favorite days are days with winter storms which make all city stand still. Amazing!
  • I love texting outside while my fingers get red and lose feeling of touch.
  • It’s just lovely to be stuck in a train in the middle of nowhere for a whole night.
  • The best of all is falling on your ass in the middle of a crowd.


A letter to Winter

Dear Winter,

You used to be fun when I was a little kid.

I liked to play in the snow and make a snowman.

I really enjoyed you.

But I grew up.

I have to suffer because of you everytime I leave the house.

I freeze, I get melted snow in my shoes and my hair is a disaster.

I highly dislike you.

I’m happy about the global warming.

You are not that long and that cold as you used to be just a year ago.

I still didn’t forgive you for -30c when I had to travel.

I spent around 4 hours freezing to the bones.

I can’t wait to leave you forever.

Until then be kind, please.


Thank you, coordination!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? Yeah, probably I have. I don’t understand people who like winter. They probably never leave house to go to work or shopping that’s why they say it.

I walk a lot from flat to tramway stop, from tramway stop to mall, from mall to tramway stop and then again from tramway stop to the flat. It’s pure horror, I tell you!

Instead of walking you are skiing, you have to walk like a duck not to fall down. Women in heeled boots are my heros. I can’t imagine walking in it on such weather.

Ice and melted snow are making walking a dangerous adventure. I a lot of times almost fell on my ass which would probably cause broken bones. The closest to fall I was few weeks ago when I happilly managed to stop myself on ‘ski jumping’ position. For those who doesn’t know it, it looks similar to trying to sit on some low chair.

I don’t know how I manage not to fall this year, that’s why I want to thank very much my coordination for keeping me on my feet!


Winter art

I hate Winter and nothing will ever change it, but sometimes nice things are made by it.

Today, in the morning, I was traveling to Warsaw by bus. It was like -15c so everything was frozen. But frost formed very nice shape on the bus windows.

Winter is able to make something nice instead of freezing innocent people.


Sickness is coming

This season I’m getting sick late. Probably, because winter came just few days ago. Usually it starts in Poland at the beginning, eventually in the mid, of November.

I was very happy that November this year was kind of warm and beautiful.

Sunday/Monday night has given us first snow. Since that time it didn’t snow at all. Polish weather is strange this year.

For 2 days I’ve dealt with terrible sore throat. Nor honey, neither salty water helped. Pills helped a little bit, but I was dying anyway. Now it turned into cough! Just great! Neo-angin became my best friend.

I’m spending my day under blanket with warm raspberry juice watching tv. I need to get better before weekend, because I’m not willing to be sick on my friend’s birthday!

It’s also Santa Claus day (at least in Poland) and real Santa has visited Poland!