Eastmas time

I can’t believe what I see outside a window. Ground is covered in snow and it’s snowing since few hours!

I don’t remember the last time that Easter was cold and white. Usually these few days were kinda warm, even if before or after weather became bad again. But Easter was always warm. Always.

Everyone is talking about global warming, but I don’t see it. I even heard today that spring may disappear soon totally. From winter we will go directly to summer.

And I hate it! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. It’s not cold anymore, but also not too hot. It’s lovely warm, birds start singing, flowers start blooming,sun is out most of the time, clouds are beautiful and days are longer.

It’s the best season. I hope it will come soon and that it’s just a temporary mistake of Mother Nature. We have 6 seasons in Poland and now what? We are going to have only 2? Summer and winter? It would totally suck!

Dear spring, please come here! We miss you!


A lovely day

I slowly feel spring. Weather is getting better, temperature is getting higher, birds start to come back. I can’t wait for those warm days that are very close.

Yesterday was a very nice, beside the cold. Sun was very bright and sky was blue. I liked it. I hope more days like that will come soon.

Today weather is a little bit worse, but it’s ok. As long as there is no rain or snow I can survive it. I know days will be better and better and that soon spring will be here.

I wish I could enjoy this day today. Maybe go to the mall, meet a friend or a cousin, grab a cup of coffee. But unfortunately my new college schedule is very disappointing. I start classes at 10.30am or 1.30pm (I have 10.30am class every two college weekends) and I finish them at 6.30pm. This way all my Sunday will be fucked up. I won’t be able to do anything. I hate it. I prefer to start classes at 8am and finish at 1.30pm or 4pm every two college weekends (as other groups). This way I could enjoy spring Sundays in Warsaw which I like so much.

It’s time to prepare for college, so have a happy day everyone!


Too sensitive for a pet

I’ve always had cats and dogs, but they all were very independent so I didn’t have to worry about them.

But after Leo’s death (my previous cat) I became very sensitive. I all the time worry about Leona and have the worst thoughts when something wrong is happening.

Today Leona was sleeping and everything was ok, but she suddenly woke up and started to behave weird. I’ve never seen it before so I was really scared something bad is happening. Then I found out it’s just typical behavior for female cats in this period of time.

I had terrible time until I found out about this. I guess I’m too sensitive to have a pet. I’m wondering how I’ll behave when I’m a mom and my baby will behave strange.


Just an ordinary day

She was sitting on the window, drinking hot tea and looking at the world awekening. It was very early morning. Sun was slowly looking over the horizon, sky was clean and so blue, trees in a park were singing a morning song. It was a beautiful spring morning.

Suddenly, something caught her attention. Or rather someone. Street was empty beside one man sitting at the bench in the park. He was sitting and staring at something she couldn’t see. He didn’t look as if he came back from a party or night shift at work. He looked neat and elegant, he was freshly shaved and his eyes were wide awake. He was very calm.

He seemed to be young, but his eyes were full of life experience and pain. She felt strange looking at him. He was close enough for her to see him good, but he couldn’t notice her unless he looked straight into her window. She tried to look away, but something in him was so hypnotizing that she wasn’t able to stop looking at him.

Suddenly, he glanced straight into her. She just noticed that he was very hadsome and his deep blue eyes were shining in the morning sun. The look of his eyes made her feel something weird, something she haven’t felt before. The world stopped for these few seconds when they were looking straight into each others eyes.

She was woke confused. It was late afternoon. She didn’t know if the man really existed or she just saw him in a dream. She quickly got out of bed and went to the window.

He was there. He was now standing in front of the bench looking at her and smiling. He seemed to be there waiting for her all day. Without knowing why, she was glad he was there. She wants to know this man.


A woman in red dress

It was a warm May evening. The sun leaves behind all shades of orange and red. Wind lightly smudges the skin. Music is soft and romantic.

He is sitting in the corner of the bar. A man in his early thirties, with copper hair and black eyes. He is wearing white shirt spanning his muscular body, black suit trousers and elegant black shoes. He is over 190cm tall and very masculine. All women in the bar send him smiles.

He likes this bar at the coast. Sound of the sea makes him relaxed after a hard day at work. He looks through the window at the sunset drinking his second whisky glass. It looks like drawing. It’s too perfect to be real.

Suddenly, something pulls him out of his reverie. This peaceful place becomes even quieter. Everyone stopped chatting and now were looking at the door. At her.

She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his entire life. Petite girl in her early twenties. She has a perfect face. Big hypnotic eyes in the color of the sea, perfect little nose and full, attractive ruby lips. Her skin is tanned and looks very soft. She is wearing a tight and short backless red dress tied on neck, spanning her large breasts and curvy hips. Her long dark brown hair fall slightly over her shoulders and back. On feet she wears very high beige heels.

Swinging her hips, she comes to the bar leaning toward a young bartender who, still shocked, takes order without looking at her. There is even a blush on his face. When she gracefully sits on the bar stool and turns around to view the interior and sees all eyes focued on her, embarassed guests come back fast to their conversations and drinks.

He is the only one who doesn’t turn his eyes from her. She notices it and sends him small, shy smile. He sees something mysterious in her. Something that makes him want to get to know this woman. Her eyes hide some secret and he is determined to find it out.



For last few days I feel like we were waiting for Spring not Winter. As for November in Poland, weather is surprising. Normally we would already float in snow, but it doesn’t seem to come soon.

Yesterday I dressed up half Spring/half Fall. Even though it’s over 10c outside, my feet are freezing. So I was wearing a sweater with boots.

I’m very happy about that. Weather like this could stay till March.

Dear Winter, please be gentle this year!