Why you should like Muslim people?

I all the time hear and read bad things about Muslim people and it slowly starts pissing me off. People who bark the loudest have never even met a Muslim in their life!

I’ve met a lot of them online and in real life and beside few exceptions (which happen in every nationality) I love them truly!

Everyone keeps saying about bad things so I decided to state some good things I like about them.

1. They respect women

Despite all stereotypes, most of Muslim I’ve met are very respectful and gentle. They don’t treat women as things just as diamonds.

2. They cherish family values

I envy them their relationship with family. They are close even with their grandmother’s brother’s wife’s cousin’s son. They celebrate important holidays with a bunch of people. We, as Western community, are lucky if we know our closest family connections.

3. They believe in the same things

They believe in the same God, the same values and they are humans just like us. The only difference is religion, which isn’t that much different from Christianity.

4. They are great friends

Most of my friends are Muslim. They are sweet and kind people, they care about others and they are really helpful.


These are my personal opinions based on many years of getting to know a lot of Muslim people. I judged them by their personality and behaviour not religion or country they were born in.

Of course I’ve also met assholes and idiots, but they happen everywhere not only in Arab countries. Bad people are everywhere.

People who talk bad about Muslims should look around their own neighbourhoud. How many women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends in Muslim countries and how many in America or Europe? How many people are killed in massive homicide by sociopath in America and how many in Middle East?

Before people judge other religions or nation they should look at their own first. I can’t believe some people are so prejudiced to humans who they don’t even know and all information about them they got in TV.

I hope it will finally soon, because everyday I want to scream to those idiots to finally shut up. They know nothing and they talk bullshits. I love Muslim people and I doubt I’ll ever stop.



Racism is so passé

I don’t understand people who are hating on others, because of their skin color, religion or nationality. It’s 21st century for God’s sake! Multiculturalism is a normal thing.

We are living in the century where everyone can live anywhere they want. Races mix and it’s all ok. People have right to choose where they want to live.

Even in Warsaw, where I’m living, ‘different’ people on the street is a normal thing. Asians, Muslim, Black. They all live here. Seeing group of girls or mothers wearing hijab is nothing shocking anymore.

We all are people. We all have dreams. We all want to have a good life. Why would it matter are they white, black, Muslim or Christian?

I hate stereotypes. Why do you hate on something you don’t know? Borders are open and anyone can travel anywhere. Why would black man be beaten up in ‘white’ country? Why would Arab be called  the worst names? What have they done to you?

I sometimes hardly stay calm when I hear some bullshits about people of other nationality or religion. So what you have heard something bad about them from a friend of your aunt who has a sister who knew a niece of cousin’s husband, who (the niece) had Arab/Black boyfriend who treated her bad? Have their nation harmed you anyhow?

Let’s be serious. Bad people are everywhere. If Arab beats his wife, all Arabs are the same. If American kills his wife, he is just a mentally sick psychopath? I start losing my nerves hearing that. Why people are such hypocrites?

You want to judge? Cool. But judge a person not nationality or religion. I have a lot of friends from many countries and I can’t say a bad word about any of them.

The worst thing is, that racism doesn’t only show off towards different skin color. It also shows off towards people of other sexual orientation. So what two boys love each other? So what two girls are kissing on the street? So what boy likes to wear female clothes and vice versa?

Do their existance harm you? Their love hurt you in any way? If I ask you, why are you straight, what would you answer? Because this is the way I was born or this is what I feel like or this is how God created me. Hey, guess what? God created them this way as well!

I respect all religions and I don’t judge nor criticize anyone, but I don’t agree with sentences like ‘homosexualism is a sin’. Why would it be sin? Pure love is a sin? Who cares is it between man and woman or two men/women? Sometimes homosexual relations stay for longer and are happier than ‘normal’ relations.

Have you heard about homosexual celebrities having partners for 20 years? Sure you have. How many straight relations between celebrities lasted for longer than 20 years? Probably it’s countable on fingers of one hand. Have you heard about gay/lesbian beating up their partners? I doubt.

Before you hate, get to know people you hate on. I assure you, that in 99% of cases you will see how wrong you were to talk bad about them. I love multiculturalism and I hope people will become more open and friendly towards other races. Maybe then wars will end and peace will rule.

People are scared of something new, something they don’t understand. Instead of hating, get to know them. You can learn something from others. It doesn’t matter are they Muslim or Black. They have values in their life, just like you. If their opinions or points of view are different, it’s great! You have chance to see the world with other’s eyes and this will be priceless experience.