Have you ever wondered why your life looks as it looks?

Since I was a kid I was thinking about why I am who I am, why I live where I live, why I look how I look, what is the reason of living. I still keep thinking about it once in a while. It really fascinates me.

I feel like my soul was trapped in wrong body. I have bigger dreams than everyone else around me, I want to look different than I look (I’m not talking here about losing weight), I’m a freak about symmetry while I’m not symmetric myself and I have totally different interests. Through my real life I’ve only met one person who shares my passion.

Sometimes I wonder how would my life look like if I was someone else. Would I be who I am now? Would I be this shy? Would I be more confident? More successful? I know nothing will really change, but I just like philosophical thinking.

I believe in soul traveling after death and that we reborn. My religion doesn’t believe in it, but I do. I believe we have already been living years or centuries before. I sometimes think I’ve been a bad person in my previous life and now I’m punished with this life I don’t belong to.

Philosophical thinking is a part of me. I don’t always control it and I sometimes realize I think about life and why life is as it is. I sometimes regret I didn’t choose different path of life and I didn’t study philosophy. But I guess I would have problems with finding a job.

Even if I’m trapped in wrong life I’ll do my best to have a life I’ve always wanted to have.