SFP#4: Week 4

Today I want to tell you about my way for more successful getting rid of cellulite.

I use a serum I wrote about before and I do exercises, but there is never too much help.

My father bought or got (I don’t really know) a massager. It has a red light to make massage more effective. While massaging also arms work so I can work on my muscles while fighting with orange skin.

Massages are widely known for its positive effects on skin and blood circulation to make our legs look nice. Not all of us have a partner to help us with it or we don’t have an opportunity and money to visit a masseur everyday so buying electric massager is a good way to enjoy the benefits of massage.


SFP#3: Week 3

Weaker moment has caught me. I’ve almost gave up and started eating a lot again. Almost is a key word. I managed to fight this and stick to my new eating routine.

Becuase winter decided to visit us again I became too lazy to work out at home. I don’t know when weather will let me run so I decided to find some video with exercises to do at home.

I’ve always wanted to try yoga. For body and soul. So I found a weight loss and fat burning exercises. It’s only 20 minutes so I hope I’ll manage to survive whole 20 minutes doing my best.

If you have some favorite YouTube workout videos, please share them with me! I’m always looking for good exercises.


SFP#2: Week 2

I still go slow, because winter came again and I can’t run/walk outside so lately I only depend on eating, but it goes good as for now.

Everyday slowly is getting better and I eat better day by day. Sometimes it happens I eat more than I should, but seems it doesn’t matter because I have good results.

What has changed?


  • weight: 67kg (-1kg)
  • forearms: 28cm (-1cm)
  • waist: 84cm (-3cm)
  • hips: 95cm (no change)
  • thigh: 63cm (-1cm)
  • calf: 38cm (no change)

I lost 5cm in 2 weeks. I don’t know is it a lot or not, but I’m glad.

The current pic of me

The change isn’t too visible, but I feel like my tummy is less puffy.

What I’m doing:

  • eat big breakfast and small dinner
  • for snacks I have apple or banana
  • drink a lot of water
  • drink 2-3 cups of green tea

I hope next week winter will finally back off so I can add exercises to my schedule. I hope I’ll lose more weight and centimeters until hot days will come.

I’m wondering if I control myself better and eat less will I lose more weight. I still could eat less so I think I can lose more in the same amount of time. Adding exercises to it may work really well and fast. I know it’s not healthy to lose weight fast, but I still eat quite a lot and I still lose weight so I guess that’s just how my body works.

If you know some tips to keep my skin in good condition (mostly I mean getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks) and keep it fit if  I happen to lose too much weight and you know some good exercises which I can do even if I have a busy day, please share it in comments!


SFP: Beta test

This week wasn’t as successful as I expected. I realized my body is very weak and thinking about eating is making me more hungry than when I wasn’t paying attention to it.

That’s why I decided to treat this week as beta test. I know what I’m capable of and I changed my plan a little bit.

Speaking about food, I decided to eat the same as I used till now, but in smaller portions avoiding salt and oil and don’t eat when I’m not really hungry. I bought today turmeric, chilli and curry spices and I’m planning to eat dishes with them everyday, if it’s just possible. I’ve read they are good in losing weight so I’m planning to check it on myself. I also bought vegetable juice to drink for breakfast and supper, pineapple to eat with chicken and green tea with orange and mandarin flavor to drink few times per day.

Speaking about workout, I decided to start slow and work on my strenght first before I start proper exercises. I found some yoga videos which helps in burning fat and losing weight so I’m planning to start with it and add to it walking whenever I just can which will hopefully turn into running soon. I have very weak knees so I need to watch out what I do. I’ll do some exercises also, but matching my capabilities.

Also, I’m not going to starve myself and forget about my favorite, but not too ‘fit’, food and I’ll let myself for a sin once in a while. But it will happen after I gain some strenght and I’ll be able to burn useless calories while hard workout.

I’ll spare you ‘before’ pictures, because nothing really changed since last week. You can find them here if you are willing to read my previous post.

I really hope this week will be better than previous one. I won’t rush anything and I’ll slowly work on my perfect body. Wish me a lot of luck!


Self Fit Project

For the last few months on every Wednesday I was making Self Love Project writing about nice things about me. I’ve changed since the beginning of it and I think now I’m in peace with my mentality. I know my good and bad sides and I know that I’m worth a lot when it comes to my personality.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t too regular when it comes to my look. I tried to eat healthier and work out, but it never lasted for longer than few days max.

I need to be regular and I need motivation. My friend is going to check on me everyday asking about what I’ve done through the day, but I also thought to get a bigger motivation.

I decided to change Self Love Project into Self Fit Project.

Every week I’ll write about how the last week passed and I’ll post a picture of me with my measurements.

This will be my motivation to work hard. I can’t embarass myself in front of so many people reading my blog.

I really believe that it will make me regular and disciplined.

Let’s get it started, shall we?


  • weight: 68kg
  • forearms: 29cm
  • waist: 87cm
  • hips: 95cm
  • thigh: 64cm
  • calf: 38cm

(I just realized how big I am!)

The current pic of me

What I’m going to do everyday:

  • eat 4 small meals every 3-4 hours
  • drink 8 glasses of water
  • work out 2x30mins
  • do some few minutes exercises every few hours
  • use a massager to get rid of cellulite

I can’t to afford to buy a fancy healthy food or go to the gym so I need to depend on what I have around me. I’ll eat what I have at home, but in rational portions avoiding salt and oil and I’ll work out using YouTube vidoes and tips from my friends and websites.

If you have any more tips to lose weight more effectively, please leave it in a comment below! Every help would be appreciated.

My goal is to go back to 50kg I used to weight around 2 years ago so I need to lose 18kg.

Wish me luck!


I’m fat

I’m preparing for my friend’s birthday and I decided to wear a simple dress which I have since years.

I’m wearing it for Christmas usually.

I tried to take a pic in it and result shocked me.

I’m just fat.

Not some very very fat, but too fat for my physique.

I’m disgusted with myself right now.

I’ve never been thin, but I used to weight a lot less and I just looked good.

Right now, I can’t even look at myself. I can’t believe I let it happen.

I let my depression take control over me and I lost a lot of time.

It’s time for hard work starting now!


Time for a change!

Ok, enough being lazy! I hate my look so it is time to change it. Summer is almost over, but I can look sexy in winter even though no one will see it. I’ll know about it, that’s enough!

I made a plan (I’m schedule freak!) of what I’m going to do and when. Everything what contains all body and face creams + work out and some inner help (read: health supplements).

Those are my body and face cosmetics. Green tubes are for good condition of body (peeling + cooling creme), Garnier tube is for deep face cleaning, orange bottle for cleaning face off make up, sebum, etc. and last one is to improve face tension.

My supplements. They are not diet pills. They clean body inside (detox), help to release stress, increase body’s immunity, help burn fat and reduce appetite too, but those are just 2 packages among 9.

In age 22 I finally realized it’s time for some make up. I don’t like too much so my set is kept minimalistic. Little bottle is for my eye brows to look better, but it also help for eye lashes, hair and many other issues.

My favorite snack. It has 450kcal, but for something to eat between meals it is perfect! I eat half of pack before lunch and second half in the evening. It also has vegetables flavor.


I miss me 2 years ago when I had almost perfect figure. I wasn’t type of skinny chick, but I looked good. I liked my flat, but fluffy tummy (does it make sense?). My only problem were legs (thanks mom for those genes!), but I could manage it somehow.

Unfortunately, I became too lazy. I stopped taking supplements (thanks to them I lost over 15 kilos in no time!) so I gained weight again. But I hope I will get there back soon.

But I won’t only depend on supplements and cosmetics. I was looking for some exercises online, but I didn’t find anything interesting. Finally, I dropped by site of polish personal trainer and she published there free set of exercises for everyone. It’s perfect! I’ll start working out later today and I hope I will end it dead. Then I will know I did something good.

Those are my pictures from my ideal weight. I want to look like that again. Sorry for bad quality but my cameras happen to be mean.