The Pretend Wife

When I was cleaning my desk before Easter I found a book I was looking for- ‘The Pretend Wife’ by Bridget Asher.. I’ve bought it few years ago in local bookstore when I was looking for new book to read.

I’ve read it a bit, then put it somewhere and forgot about it. But I remember it was an interesting book. I can’t wait to read it again!


Oh, mr Grey….

I was looking for a book to read on lectures (all we do there is sitting and doing nothing for 2.5 hours so I prefer reading) and I bought ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I saw many people talking about it so when I saw it in bookstore in good prize I decided to buy it and see what’s the big deal about it.

I’ve started reading it on Sunday and read only 8 chapters, but it’s very addictive. It’s hard for me not to read it while I’m home, but I would read it in 2 evening and have nothing for lectures.

I’ve never read a book which would interest me that much. I somewhat identify with Anastasia (beside wanting all my life to be named Anastasia). Like her, I’ve never met a man who would make me feel as Christian made Anastasia feel and I never was interested in anyone that much.

I dream about someone like Grey, but who, unlike the character in book, will be romantic and looking for a relation. I want someone who will take my breath away, who will make me forget my name when I’m with him. Someone who will make my legs like jelly and who I’ll miss with every inch of my body.

Oh, my mr Grey, where are you hidding?