The song of the moment

I’ve heard this song for the first time a long time ago, but I didn’t know its name nor performer. I tried to find it, but it’s almost impossible without knowing its title.

In December on my friend’s birthday’s girls night I was lucky to hear this song again! We were looking for our favorite songs on You Tube and my friend’s friend showed us this song! She heard it few days ago and she was listening to it all the time so I could finally get its name!

I typed it down on my phone and obviously forgot about it. I was checking notes on my phone lately and I found this song’s title!

I love this song!


Love is odd

I’m not looking for love, but I happen to wonder what is love’s higher plan. Most of people I know or know of already have found someone they fell in love with. The longer I think about it the more I think I’ve never been in love.

It seems I was only fascinated by them. After we broke up or stopped talking after few days I was ok. I think I was only used to their presence and when they left I just needed to get used to not talking to them anymore.

It made me wonder about what love is planning for each of us. Why all of my friends already found their second half? Why most of people I know already have families? My best friend is already in stable relation, my high school friend recently got engaged and my ex best friend I wrote before on the blog already is married.

I had some boyfriends or crushes I had feelings for, but none of them made me feel like in heaven. There was always something missing between us. Some guys claim they like me a lot and would like me to be their girlfriend. I like some and I’m attracted to them, but I don’t have such deep feelings for any of them that I would like to spend the rest of my life with them.

Am I supposed to be single and ready to mingle forever? Am I too picky? Do I look for something impossible to get? Or maybe my prince charming isn’t ready for me yet?

I hope my second half is somewhere there and will be super duper the best and the hottest man I’ve ever met.


My dream life

In my dream life I would have a loving family. Parents I would love to spend time with, sibilings who would be my best friend. There would be no screams, no physical/mental abuse. House would be full of love, care and support.

In my dream life I would have wonderful friends. Who would accept me the way I am, who would care about me, who would always be there for me. They would know how I really feel without words and they would make me feel safe and loved.

In my dream life I would be confident. I would do exactly I want to do, I would run after my dreams and wouldn’t stop unless I reach them. I would flirt with guys in a club or in cafe. I would always speak my mind and wouldn’t be shy in front of anyone.

In my dream life I would be brave. I would have courage to travel across the world to start a new life. I would save every penny for a plane ticket and I would reach my goal.

In my dream life I would be needed. There would be someone who would like me to exist, who would care if I disappeared. Someone would cry after me, would like to be close to me, would like to help me.

In my dream life I wouldn’t cry. I would be glad about my life, people around me. I would have support in making my dreams come true. I wouldn’t hear complaints in every second.

Can someone take me away from my hell and show me heaven?



SFP#3: Week 3

Weaker moment has caught me. I’ve almost gave up and started eating a lot again. Almost is a key word. I managed to fight this and stick to my new eating routine.

Becuase winter decided to visit us again I became too lazy to work out at home. I don’t know when weather will let me run so I decided to find some video with exercises to do at home.

I’ve always wanted to try yoga. For body and soul. So I found a weight loss and fat burning exercises. It’s only 20 minutes so I hope I’ll manage to survive whole 20 minutes doing my best.

If you have some favorite YouTube workout videos, please share them with me! I’m always looking for good exercises.


Oh, lunch!

When it comes to food I’m very picky. I don’t eat most of the dishes and ingredients. Even when I happen to be in some restaurant or bar I buy only basic dish with not too many ingredients inside.

My favorite dish ever is a dish I discovered by mistake. I used to buy ravioli in a bar on the way from college, but one day they just stopped selling it.

Because I was hungry and didn’t want to cook I bought tagliatelle with chicken and chilli. Until now I love it and buy it whenever I happen to be around the bar. It’s my favorite lunch.