SLP#18: Acceptance

Since I remember I never judged people by their nationality, sexual orientation or religion. People are just people.

I have a lot of friends from other countries and once I used to be friends with a lesbian girl and I didn’t really think about where they are from or who they sleep with. I don’t care. I also always wanted to have a gay friend. I heard they are the best girl friends! (:

There are also a lot of people who imitate Lady Gaga or just look different than anyone else. Many people look at them as freaks and don’t understand their creative personality. I like such people. They make world brighter.

I actually like people who are different. They can teach me something new about their religion or culture, they can make me look at world different or they can insipre me to be myself.




SLP#17: Why you should love yourself

There is a lot of things to prove that you should love yourself no matter what. If you don’t like something in yourself it always can be fixed.

For years I was silently suffering, but then I realized it’s pathetic. Instead of sitting and crying I should change whatever I don’t like and I think I’m on good way to like myself in every matter.

I try to keep in my mind those three things and never let anyone prove me different:

1. You are unique and special

Each and every person in the world is one and only. Me and you are not exceptions. We have our flaws, but we also have our good sides which deserve to be loved by others.

2. You have right to be happy

No one should make you feel bad. No matter how we look or how we behave we deserve happiness as everyone else. We have dreams and hopes we should achieve, because we deserve it.

3. You live only for yourself

Don’t let anyone make you stop believing in yourself or stop dreaming. You don’t live for anyone, but yourself. You can do whatever you just want and no one can tell you something else.


SLP#16: Strenght

I don’t know why I didn’t  mention it before. Since I was very young I was on my own. My parents have had my brother to take care of so I was relegated to the background.

I had no rules and no control so I was learning by myself what is good or what is bad and all the values I have now. It was hard for 12 years old. I was still a kid.

I’ve learnt to deal with all my problems alone and it stayed till now. I open myself to friends, but still I’m good in dealing with things by myself. It’s hard to even tell am I feeling good or bad.

Of course I have moments of weakness, but I think about problems, about fixing them and are they that bad to care about them so much. I analyze and in the end everything is good.

A lot of people say that it’s bad to hide all emotions inside, but it just works fine with me. The thing is that if I talk with friends about my problem, they usually tell me what I already know. I ask them for help when I really don’t know what to do and I’m lost in my feelings.

Of course I would like someone beside me, as friend, who will help me, but I’m good by myself and I’m strong so I know I’ll always handle things no matter what.


SLP#15: What has changed?

It’s been 15 weeks since I started Self Love Project. WOW! Where did the time go? Almost 4 months of trying to improve myself.

Honestly, I focused more on my mentality. I thought that I need to clean my head first before I try to improve my body and overall look. I think I can say I succeed.

I control my emotions, I try to think before I speak and I’m calmer. I still need to work on my timidity and positivity, but I’m pretty sure it will slowly come with time.

I must say I’m glad about the changes. 15 weeks ago I was mean, I liked to fight and I hurted people and now I’m sweeter, nicer and calmer. It’s a huge success.

There is still a lot of hard work in front of me, but I’m closer to my goal everyday. I’m sure soon I’ll finally say I’m happy.


SLP#14: One step at a time

Loving and improving yourself is a long journey. Being confident or have a perfect look won’t happen in one day or even one month. It takes months if not years to be the way we want to be.

Since few years I’m trying to improve myself emotionally. I’m trying to stop being that shy, mean, short tempered and start being more confident, spontaneous, brave. Looking back I’ve gone a long way. I’m not that shy anymore, I’m not that mean as I used to be and I somehow managed to control myself. Of course not in 100%, because it’s impossible, but I’m better than I used to be few years ago, but there is long way to go yet.

I never liked my body and in high school I lost a lot of weight. I still had few things to work on, but I liked the way I looked. Unfortunately, I lost control like a year ago and I gained weight back. It made me depressed so I gained even more. Since a while I’m working on losing weight again, but it goes very slow that’s why I need to work even harder.

I’m trying not to think about future. I focus at one day and try to do the best I can. I try to be the nicest and the sweetest I can trying to control myself not to lose temper. Instead of thinking about myself being thin in a month or two  I focus on present. I focus on the time between waking up and going sleep and I try to make the best out of it. I eat rationally (I hope) and work out as much as I can.

At the end of the day I want to feel I’ve done my best in emotional and physical terms.


SLP#13: How to love yourself

1. Think positive

It sounds boring, because that’s what everyone says, but it really helps. If you think positive about yourself you will like yourself more and see yourself in better light.

2. Believe what people say about you

I try to believe in what my friends say about me. It’s hard, because I’m used to think about myself only bad things, but I try to keep it aside and believe I’m not that bad.

3. Write somewhere good things about yourself

I mostly use my blog for it. I used to have a little notebook in which I was writing nice things about myself. I unfortunately lost it on the way of growing up, but I think about making it again. If I had my own place I would put notes on my fridge to see all the time how great I am.

4. Improve your imperfections

We all want to feel good in our own skin and in our own company so it’s important to change what we don’t like. I don’t like my weight so I try to eat rationally and do some exercises everyday. I don’t like that I’m mean sometimes so I do my best to be nice to everyone even thought sometimes it doesn’t work out.

5. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself

Not everyone will like us so we will meet on the way some people who will tell us that we are fat and ugly or we are egoistic and no one will ever love us. I heard those , but I’m strong enough not to care about them anymore. Those are just meant to hurt us.


SLP#12: Understanding

I always could imagine myself in other person’s shoes. I could imagine how they felt, what they thought. Maybe not exactly as them, but still. I don’t know where I’ve got it from.

I think that empathy I feel helps me to understand people who are going through bad days.

A lot of people, friends or even random Facebook friends, opened themselves in front of me. Just like that. I never really understood why is that.

Because of Self Love Project I was thinking about it. Maybe my ability to understand people make them trust me and share their life with me.

Maybe my care, empathy and understanding make me a good listener and helper to anyone who needs it.