Changes to come

I reached the moment that I’m not happy with my posts, if I have ever been happy about them. Those last months were a good lesson for my blogging.

I decided to take a break from posting for now and work on my dream blog. This one isn’t the one I’m proud of. And I should be proud of my blog, right?

I’m reading a lot of blogs daily and I finally know what kind of blog I want to have. It will be a little different and more similar to my favorite blogs, but it still will contain my thoughts and my silly writing. But there will be more too.

I’ll still be around reading posts, because I’m kind of addicted to WordPress.

I’ll be back between May and June. Probably closer to May than June.

I hope you will be waiting for new me…. Becuase I’ll be waiting to come back to you.

See you soon ♥



6 thoughts on “Changes to come

  1. All of us go through the stage, sometime where we don’t feel satisfied with our writings. You’ll come out of it with a good bunch of writings. Good luck!

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