Being a walking dead

I don’t know why, but I sleep bad the night before classes. First, I can’t fall asleep at all and I wake up several times during the night. Also, I wake up at 5am on Fridays before college weekend and I usually sleep then bad as well so I don’t get enough sleep on three nights in a row.

As Friday is ok, because I can take a nap when I reach Warsaw, Saturday and Sunday sucks. On Saturday I wake up at 6am and should stay at college at least till 5pm. I didn’t manage to survive that long yet. On Sunday is a little bit easier, because I can sleep longer and once per month I just go for two classes since 1.30pm till 6.30pm. Today we had this day in a month when we started at 10.30am with extra class.

I don’t know what was wrong this weekend, but I feel worse than on previous ones. I can’t focus at all, I’m tired even when I just reach college before first class and I feel like my body had no energy. I hardly survived even 3 hours at college.

I’m afraid to think what will happen on my next college weekend. Because of Easter, classes are in three weeks. Then I’ll already start working so I think I’ll be walking dead full edition.



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