Hello (very small) income!

After like 8 months of looking for a job in Warsaw and no success I decided to sign as jobless in my hometown’s Labor Office to have some help in looking for a job, even in my town for the beginning.

They have an intern plan where a person who is signed in office as jobless is looking for a place to have an intern at and Labor Office pays them money instead of employer.

It’s 6 months intern for like 180 euros, but I’ll at least gain some office work experience and have some pocket money for my needs. It will be tough, becuase I’ll work 8 hours per day 5 days a week and every 2 weeks at weekend I have classes so I’ll need to go to Warsaw on Friday’s evening after all day at work and come back home on Sunday’s evening after all day at college. It will be very tiring, but I hope I’ll persuade my father to give me his car to drive for classes (:

I really hoped for some part time job in Warsaw so I can be there daily. I love summer in the city, but this year I’ll miss it… I hope I’ll have enough energy to visit Warsaw in the weekends every now and then.

Because I try to look at things from bright side recently, I’ll use this time to keep improving myself. I’ll have time for workouts, I’ll save some money as I won’t have too much spendings when I’m home, I’ll be able to put my blog to a higher level and I’ll use my free time to learn coding. I regret I haven’t done it earlier so now maybe I would already work part time as web or blog designer and I would have my financial independence. But maybe right time for this came just now. I know I’ll do my best to listen to my friend and learn it as fast as possible. I’ll write about my crush on coding and designing some other time.

I forgot to mention I’ll work in a local fire station! I really hope there are some hot firefighters who I can spend time staring at!



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