Why I ‘love’ winter

  • My favorite winter beauty treatment is freezing to the bones.
  • I love having melted snow in my shoes making my feet frozen. I simpy truly love it!
  • Nothing is sexier than ugly boots, puffy jackets and wooly hats damaging your hair.
  • I really enjoy getting up from hot bed to feel cold in the house.
  • It’s really cool to wait for a plane to depart 6 hours longer.
  • The best winter jewelery are frozen tears on eye lashes.
  • My favorite winter workout is a walk on pavement covered with ice.
  • It’s really nice to wake up an hour earlier just to shovel snow and unfreeze the car.
  • My most favorite days are days with winter storms which make all city stand still. Amazing!
  • I love texting outside while my fingers get red and lose feeling of touch.
  • It’s just lovely to be stuck in a train in the middle of nowhere for a whole night.
  • The best of all is falling on your ass in the middle of a crowd.



2 thoughts on “Why I ‘love’ winter

  1. Hahhhahaa I’m always thinking how much I miis Estonian winter and the snow here in Italya but this brought ,back some memories πŸ˜€ Maybe I don’t miss it that much πŸ˜›

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