SFP#2: Week 2

I still go slow, because winter came again and I can’t run/walk outside so lately I only depend on eating, but it goes good as for now.

Everyday slowly is getting better and I eat better day by day. Sometimes it happens I eat more than I should, but seems it doesn’t matter because I have good results.

What has changed?


  • weight: 67kg (-1kg)
  • forearms: 28cm (-1cm)
  • waist: 84cm (-3cm)
  • hips: 95cm (no change)
  • thigh: 63cm (-1cm)
  • calf: 38cm (no change)

I lost 5cm in 2 weeks. I don’t know is it a lot or not, but I’m glad.

The current pic of me

The change isn’t too visible, but I feel like my tummy is less puffy.

What I’m doing:

  • eat big breakfast and small dinner
  • for snacks I have apple or banana
  • drink a lot of water
  • drink 2-3 cups of green tea

I hope next week winter will finally back off so I can add exercises to my schedule. I hope I’ll lose more weight and centimeters until hot days will come.

I’m wondering if I control myself better and eat less will I lose more weight. I still could eat less so I think I can lose more in the same amount of time. Adding exercises to it may work really well and fast. I know it’s not healthy to lose weight fast, but I still eat quite a lot and I still lose weight so I guess that’s just how my body works.

If you know some tips to keep my skin in good condition (mostly I mean getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks) and keep it fit if  I happen to lose too much weight and you know some good exercises which I can do even if I have a busy day, please share it in comments!



5 thoughts on “SFP#2: Week 2

  1. I use to use a stretch mark cream to make them less visible. I had/have lots from my constant changing weight. For exercise, you can even add sit up and push ups on the living room floor! Be healthy please. You’re beautiful. Seriously. Xo

    • How did it work for you? Have they really become less visible? I’ve heard cocoa butter is good for stretch marks so I’m going to try it. Thank you! You are beautiful yourself! xoxo

      • They were less visible but I stopped using it and decided that once I am to a weight I’m happy with then I’ll use it again! I have heard cocoa butter, too actually! Lemme know if it works. (:

  2. I think the only way to reduce the visibility of cellulite is tone your legs / bottom (or wherever you have the cellulite) I wish I could just suck it all of my body!!

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