Two bad days for one good

Mostly my days are neutral. They are neither good nor bad. Just normal days.

But when I happen to have a good day and good mood, the next two days are bad. I’m sad and feel bad, etc. I never could understand why the hell it happens. And I still don’t understand it. Bad mood comes to me out of blue. One wrong word of my friend and I become bitchy.

I was thinking about it a lot and I still didn’t find any solution. Things that yeah, make me sad or depressed, but I don’t freak over it, through my bad days are like hell. I think like it’s such a terrible thing and that I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. While good days I think about those problems like something I can live with and somehow fix.

I hope soon bad days will leave me alone finally and I’ll only have good days.



2 thoughts on “Two bad days for one good

  1. Maybe this has got to do with your surroundings, look for ways to brighten up your place, since it’s spring and gradually warm, go to the park for a stroll to get more light! Maybe eat some chocolates!

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