Sweet, sweet love…

You remember the feeling when you fell in love for the first real time in your life?

Butterflies in your belly, rapid heartbeat, smile from ear to ear anytime you see your love, sparks while you hold their hand for the first time and the feeling of being alone in the whole world while they kiss you. You just want to spend your free time with them hanging out or grab a lunch together. You share food and fall asleep in each other’s arms. You sit in the same room while she reads a book and he plays a video game. You just like being close to each other, but still you spend time apart. Your love is that strong that you don’t need to be together all the time. She goes shopping with her girlfriends and he goes for a beer with his boyfriends. Then you come back home and you are just for your love.

Sometimes there comes the moment that they need to stay apart and be with someone else. But the feeling, this first real love, will be in their heart forever as a sweet, sweet memory.



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