SFP#1: Week 1

I slowly get used to a new lifestyle and I feel really good. I still happen to be close to giving up, but I manage to stay strong. I feel soon it won’t be a problem anymore. Healthy and active life is slowly getting into my veins.

I already noticed that my tummy is a little bit smaller! It’s not any huge change, but gives me more motivation and it makes me feel really great.

Weather is getting better and sun is shinning more and more so I decided to be more active outside and go more intense in my workout. I want to burn as many calories per day as it’s just possible.

I’ve also decided to get some extra help in losing weight. I’ve bought an intensive slimming serum made by polish cosmetics brand.

Eveline Cosmetics is probably the best polish brand when it comes to body care. Their products have really high quality and a lot of girls give it great reviews. I hope it will help to get rid of cellulite and my body will be frim and beautiful.

I use it since few days and it gives a great cooling feeling. Skin after it is also smooth. I can’t wait to see effects in the next few weeks. I’ll share my opinion about effects here.



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