Once in a while

Once in a while there comes a day that everything just seems to be right.

You wake up happy and full of energy, you feel so relaxed. Time at work or school passes fast and easy. Weather is perfect for a nice walk in the park with a cup of favorite coffee and a friend. The sun is shining, birds are singing, wind is caressing your skin. The day is so calm, you can do everything you need to do and still have time to relax. You don’t feel any stress or sadness. You even have enough free money to go and buy the dress or shoes you wanted so much since a long time. You smile all day to everyone, you spend a lovely time. Everything is just perfect. No worries, no problems. A lovely and easy day.

I hope such day will happen to me soon and often.



One thought on “Once in a while

  1. ya there are some moments when life is momentarily perfect , it comes every now and then in very small doses so , we should all enjoy it when we feel the perfection .

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