Not a happy ending

He comes.

With his sweet words, beautiful smile and hypnotizing eyes.

She falls in love with him.

He is treating her as princess.

Wakes her up with a kiss and welcomes her with a flower.

Romantic dinners, night walks and cuddles while watching a sunset.

She is in a fairytale.

Until one day.

He stops calling, he doesn’t show up on a date and he just disappears.

He is giving flowers to another girl now.

She is left with heart broken into tiny pieces.

One more asshole closer to her prince charming.



4 thoughts on “Not a happy ending

  1. Love can be the best or the worst.
    I believe we all have our “Person”
    In the end you will find your person.

    Sad read as said above. But ever the optimist in me says we all find that person one day


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