SFP: Beta test

This week wasn’t as successful as I expected. I realized my body is very weak and thinking about eating is making me more hungry than when I wasn’t paying attention to it.

That’s why I decided to treat this week as beta test. I know what I’m capable of and I changed my plan a little bit.

Speaking about food, I decided to eat the same as I used till now, but in smaller portions avoiding salt and oil and don’t eat when I’m not really hungry. I bought today turmeric, chilli and curry spices and I’m planning to eat dishes with them everyday, if it’s just possible. I’ve read they are good in losing weight so I’m planning to check it on myself. I also bought vegetable juice to drink for breakfast and supper, pineapple to eat with chicken and green tea with orange and mandarin flavor to drink few times per day.

Speaking about workout, I decided to start slow and work on my strenght first before I start proper exercises. I found some yoga videos which helps in burning fat and losing weight so I’m planning to start with it and add to it walking whenever I just can which will hopefully turn into running soon. I have very weak knees so I need to watch out what I do. I’ll do some exercises also, but matching my capabilities.

Also, I’m not going to starve myself and forget about my favorite, but not too ‘fit’, food and I’ll let myself for a sin once in a while. But it will happen after I gain some strenght and I’ll be able to burn useless calories while hard workout.

I’ll spare you ‘before’ pictures, because nothing really changed since last week. You can find them here if you are willing to read my previous post.

I really hope this week will be better than previous one. I won’t rush anything and I’ll slowly work on my perfect body. Wish me a lot of luck!



One thought on “SFP: Beta test

  1. What you said here sounds good. Just continue with the things you’re doing now. Most important do something which is sustainable! If you can’t run,just walk will do, which is good enough. You don’t need to cut down the amount of food you take, you just only need to replace some of those food that can make you fat with other healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables (beans, green vegetables, nuts,tomatoes, etc.) Exercise may not help you cut weight, because exercise can change some of the fat into muscles. The fat you lose will become muscles, but it’s okay, because this is healthier. Drink some tea before meal to make you feel full. Eat eggs for breakfast because a study found out that people who had eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who ate a few slices of toast.

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