Self Fit Project

For the last few months on every Wednesday I was making Self Love Project writing about nice things about me. I’ve changed since the beginning of it and I think now I’m in peace with my mentality. I know my good and bad sides and I know that I’m worth a lot when it comes to my personality.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t too regular when it comes to my look. I tried to eat healthier and work out, but it never lasted for longer than few days max.

I need to be regular and I need motivation. My friend is going to check on me everyday asking about what I’ve done through the day, but I also thought to get a bigger motivation.

I decided to change Self Love Project into Self Fit Project.

Every week I’ll write about how the last week passed and I’ll post a picture of me with my measurements.

This will be my motivation to work hard. I can’t embarass myself in front of so many people reading my blog.

I really believe that it will make me regular and disciplined.

Let’s get it started, shall we?


  • weight: 68kg
  • forearms: 29cm
  • waist: 87cm
  • hips: 95cm
  • thigh: 64cm
  • calf: 38cm

(I just realized how big I am!)

The current pic of me

What I’m going to do everyday:

  • eat 4 small meals every 3-4 hours
  • drink 8 glasses of water
  • work out 2x30mins
  • do some few minutes exercises every few hours
  • use a massager to get rid of cellulite

I can’t to afford to buy a fancy healthy food or go to the gym so I need to depend on what I have around me. I’ll eat what I have at home, but in rational portions avoiding salt and oil and I’ll work out using YouTube vidoes and tips from my friends and websites.

If you have any more tips to lose weight more effectively, please leave it in a comment below! Every help would be appreciated.

My goal is to go back to 50kg I used to weight around 2 years ago so I need to lose 18kg.

Wish me luck!



11 thoughts on “Self Fit Project

  1. Babe dont call yourself big! you actually are in good shape…just need tiny bit of work 🙂 and honestly there is no need for fancy food or gadgets to get where you want. Its very doable. I know I have been MIA for a bit but I regularly write about how to be fit and how to get in shape the right way. feel free to read that section on my blog and give me feedback if it helps you get motivated 🙂 Ps from pictures I have taken of myself…we look alot bigger in them then we actually are!

    • I’ll surely take a look at them! I don’t just look big on pictures, I’m big 😀 I have around 20-23kg too much so I look fluffy hahaha 😀

  2. Good luck and I think it’s a great idea to share your progress with us so you’ll stay motivated! How tall are you? Cause 50kg seems really tiny. I’m 170cm and when I weighted 53 I was really skinny. And I think gym and all the fancy stuff doesn’t matter, only thing that matters is your strong mind!

  3. If you stay in a high-rise building, don’t take the elevator,you climb up the stairs to your house. I do this everyday climbing down the stairs, before I go to work and climb up the stairs when I return home. In your everyday food, cut down on meat and replace this with non-meat food such as vegetables and fruits. Drink a lot of soup. Cut down on any food that is sweet. Try to walk as much as you can. Take a walk at the park. You can get a dog so that everyday you have to walk because you have to take the dog out to walk. If your work place is not too far from home, maybe you can ride a bicycle which is a good form of exercise, but you have to be careful of cars on the road.

  4. Good luck! My biggest vice is sugary drinks so if you also drink them then cutting them out will make a big difference 🙂
    I’m currently doing this too, but like you I go for a few days then muck up. Maybe I should be brave and do this – you can’t back out when people are watching!
    Good luck and well done on making the decision to get healthy 🙂

  5. good luck to you girl! I hope you get to reach your goal. I myself am having a problem maintaining a fix routine. When I’m in the mood I jog for about 20 mins alternating between jogging and walking. For me the key to an effective diet or losing weight is really in the mind. You have to be mentally committed so that every inch of your body cooperates. Go for it! keep safe 🙂

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