A language in my head

I’m 100% Pole, I live in Poland all my life, Polish is my native language, I use Polish all the time, I watch/read in Polish everyday, but I don’t think in Polish.

In the era of Facebook it’s easy to meet people from all over the world and chat to them. On Facebook I only use English. I write statuses, read statuses and chat. It’s like this for like 6 or even 7 years now.

I think this made me start thinking in English. I don’t know how it happened, but I catch myself on think about something regarding my everyday life in English not Polish.

Sometimes I even feel more comfortable to type/speak in English and sometimes I even can’t explain something in Polish, but I can in English.

I know my skills are not perfect, but I don’t think they are so terrible. Everyday, thanks to Facebook and WordPress, I learn new things about how to say certain things in English.

I hope that someday I’ll speak English as I speak Polish. Fluenty.



2 thoughts on “A language in my head

  1. Seems you can write quite well in English, you just have to pick up the courage to speak in English. LOL! I thought you’re staying in the US till now then I realize you’re staying in Poland. Used to have a few Polish pen pals, now I only maintain contact with one who is most of the time in the UK.

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