Just an ordinary day

She was sitting on the window, drinking hot tea and looking at the world awekening. It was very early morning. Sun was slowly looking over the horizon, sky was clean and so blue, trees in a park were singing a morning song. It was a beautiful spring morning.

Suddenly, something caught her attention. Or rather someone. Street was empty beside one man sitting at the bench in the park. He was sitting and staring at something she couldn’t see. He didn’t look as if he came back from a party or night shift at work. He looked neat and elegant, he was freshly shaved and his eyes were wide awake. He was very calm.

He seemed to be young, but his eyes were full of life experience and pain. She felt strange looking at him. He was close enough for her to see him good, but he couldn’t notice her unless he looked straight into her window. She tried to look away, but something in him was so hypnotizing that she wasn’t able to stop looking at him.

Suddenly, he glanced straight into her. She just noticed that he was very hadsome and his deep blue eyes were shining in the morning sun. The look of his eyes made her feel something weird, something she haven’t felt before. The world stopped for these few seconds when they were looking straight into each others eyes.

She was woke confused. It was late afternoon. She didn’t know if the man really existed or she just saw him in a dream. She quickly got out of bed and went to the window.

He was there. He was now standing in front of the bench looking at her and smiling. He seemed to be there waiting for her all day. Without knowing why, she was glad he was there. She wants to know this man.



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