Swimming in the ocean of bullshit

I believe that each and every human is original and special on their own ways, but unfortunately a lot of people is still close minded and anyone who doesn’t suit the community is called a freak.

It’s sad that many people are afraid to be themselves or try to be different than they used to be for all their life and they hide under the ‘community friendly’ mask.

I actually belong to people who are afraid. I’m ashamed or even terrified if I dress different than I normally do. I let myself for it in a small way only if I’m abroad. But then still I feel strange with people looking at me or my partner telling me compliments. I’m not used to this. I always think people will judge me by looking different than them.

I have a colorful soul and I’d like to wear only colorful clothes, but I’m just not used to shine in the gray croud. I’m also a big tattoo fan and even though right now I don’t have a tattoo, in future I’m planning few ones, some of them very big. I’m afraid people will judge me by it. If I have a tattoo I must be a drug addict or even a prostitute.

Unfortunately, Poles (especially elder ones) are very judgemental and many young people can’t let their creativity take a control. Those who are brave to do so are reviled and judged by externals not by their personality and heart.

I hope these will change and that I’ll get enough courage to be who I want to be.



5 thoughts on “Swimming in the ocean of bullshit

    • I actually meant big tattoos, like on the back or arms. Many people don’t accept it and a lot of people in Poland may have problems in even getting a job because of it.

  1. we have more judgemental people here in the middle east and india, but times have changed, its all about adjustment, cmon its just one life, do what you like of course dont go crazy and people will accept it eventually , you see they need an adjustment period, they need to get used to your new look and by the way , I got a tattoo so you should not wait and get yourself one asap 🙂

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