Attempt to makeup

In my entire life I’ve had maybe three makeups made on my face (including two made by my friend yesterday and in November). I never was into it. I only use base and powder to give my face a regular color.

I like feeling comfortable without thinking all the time that my mascara will smear or that my lipstick will leave stains on everything.

But I’m in the age that I should start taking care of the way I look. Makeup is the part of outfit these days. Plus why should I keep being pale and neuter while I can be pretty?

My friend made me this makeup yesterday. I think it suits me well. I don’t like to have too much makeup on me in daily basis. Enhanced brows, eyeliner on eyes, lipstick, some base, powder and blush is enough for me.

P.S. I didn’t edit this picture at all. Taken with the flash.



2 thoughts on “Attempt to makeup

  1. I think you look beautiful!Playing around with makeup is for fun. Most of the time I put on makeup is just cause I enjoy it, it’s like my zen moment not because I can’t live without it 🙂 I think you will have fun discovering your make up style and everyone have their different time for things, you are ready now. Best luck with everything!

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