College happens to be useful

We, students in Poland, complain that colleges don’t teach us anything useful. Whatever we study, we will never use in our careers. Even if we do, it’s most likely we will forget everything and at work we will need to learn those things from the beginning.

But studying sometimes has its bright sides.

This semester we have a lot of presentations to make. As I study Tourism, they are mostly about touristic regions. For two of them, me and my team, chose to write about region I grew up in.

Honestly, I’ve never been too interested in its history and heritage, but making presentations I had to read a little bit about it.

Beside few the most important stories about my town, which almost every citizen knows, I found out a lot about wider region than only my town.

I must say it’s more interesting than I thought. It has a lot of monuments I didn’t know about, very rich history and it’s very beautiful and natural.

Probably, from all four years of studying until now, this is the only thing I’ll remember.



3 thoughts on “College happens to be useful

  1. They say the experts. We lose 80% in minutes anything we learn. I agree with your thoughts on college. Needed life skills are not taught. I believe college is a step in learning what you need to do. I like your thoughts. Have fun and be careful.

  2. I think schools generally force us to learn so much crap that we don’t actually need. There are useful things too but it would be nice if the system changed one day and would start to teach only the important things and that everybody could have a bigger choice as an individual.

  3. Yeah, heard that long time ago, some Poles told me they had to learn Russian, but they purposely didn’t want to learn it well, because at that time Soviet Union controlled quite a big part of Eastern Europe. For you, at least you learn something that you can relate to.

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