SLP#17: Why you should love yourself

There is a lot of things to prove that you should love yourself no matter what. If you don’t like something in yourself it always can be fixed.

For years I was silently suffering, but then I realized it’s pathetic. Instead of sitting and crying I should change whatever I don’t like and I think I’m on good way to like myself in every matter.

I try to keep in my mind those three things and never let anyone prove me different:

1. You are unique and special

Each and every person in the world is one and only. Me and you are not exceptions. We have our flaws, but we also have our good sides which deserve to be loved by others.

2. You have right to be happy

No one should make you feel bad. No matter how we look or how we behave we deserve happiness as everyone else. We have dreams and hopes we should achieve, because we deserve it.

3. You live only for yourself

Don’t let anyone make you stop believing in yourself or stop dreaming. You don’t live for anyone, but yourself. You can do whatever you just want and no one can tell you something else.



5 thoughts on “SLP#17: Why you should love yourself

  1. I have long lost belief in myself, I dont make friends easily , people dont like me for some reason I fail to understand, it really gets tough for me at times, I almost believe that I have a bad personality , but thanks for this post , moral boost it was for me !

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