The first one

The first glance. Innocent and shy. Under the shine of the sun. In the middle of the crowd, but so intimate. Just he and she. Just she and he. Their sight is unity.

The first smile. With blush on the face. Among the poetry of singing birds. This smile is the only one in the world. The most special, the most important.

The first touch. Holding hands. So sensitive. The spark reaches every inch of their bodies. Their fingers dancing a happy dance. Feeling so good.

The first kiss. In the moonlight. In the shadow of the trees. The time stops. Their lips taste so sweet. The best flavor in the world. So addictive.

The first love. Amazing feeling. So new, so kind, so unique. It’s a fairy tale. Destiny. Princess finds her prince, prince finds his princess. Their souls are together forever.



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