Types of boyfriend you do NOT want to have

1. Teddy Bear

  • his belly covers view at his feet
  • he wants someone to hug him
  • his sweetness will make you dizzy
  • he could caress you till death
  • he is docile as puppy

2. Mommy’s boy

  • his mom still chooses his clothes every morning
  • he doesn’t make any decision without his mom
  • he doesn’t accept any cooking but his mom’s
  • he will call his mom all the time, even during sex with you
  • he would gladly live with mom till he dies

3. (Un)fashionable

  • he thinks he is the god of style
  • he wears all patterns together
  • his socks are never in the same color
  • his clothes are tighter than yours
  • he wears everything what is out of fashion

4. Jock-gay

  • he spends more time in front of mirror than any girl
  • he is married to gym
  • his biggest achievement is carrying two girls at once
  • he worships his hair
  • he is more tanned than you

5. Artist

  • he doesn’t work, because it’s aganist his philosophy
  • his life is harder than anyone else’s
  • he is always aganist everything
  • his life goal is to find the real truth
  • he speaks with lines from poems



2 thoughts on “Types of boyfriend you do NOT want to have

  1. LOL I couldn’t agree more! I think I’ve dated the teddy bear, mommy’s boy, unfashionable, jock-gay! So far, I haven’t dated an artist. I’m sad to admit that I’m one of those girls who fell for those guys! You’ve clearly stated all the things that I hated from all of them hahah ! No wonder I didn’t end up with any of them! I’m so glad though, that I’m dating a guy who’s a ‘academic’ + musician… I think he’s a great combination 😉 I love your post! Keep posting 😀

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