Why I don’t have girlfriends?

A lot of people find it strange. How come a girl doesn’t have a bunch of best girlfriends? I have one female friend in real life and one online. That’s it.

It wasn’t always like that. I used to have girlfriends, both in real and online life. Until they proved they are lame and pathetic bitches. They were talking shits about me behind my back, they were slutting around with random guys forgetting about my existance, they found new girlfriends who were all ‘oh and ah my lovely girl’ and who were simply licking their asses.

Some of them told our common friends that we are not friends anymore, because I didn’t talk to them 24/7 or I didn’t play with them some stupid online game. Then I wondered how mind blinded I was back then to be friends with them?

For me friendship doesn’t mean talking 24/7 or running after them in some stupid game. There are people (men obviously) who I don’t speak to for weeks, months or even years, but it doesn’t mean we are not friends anymore or that I don’t care about them. We have our lives, our things and we just don’t see a need to talk all the time.

Since a while I stay away from girls. I don’t trust them, I don’t feel comfortable with them and I just don’t get on with them. I’ve always been better in talking to guys and getting on with them. All my best friends are men. I know them for years and they never betrayed me. If they don’t like me they don’t tell me how much they love me and then laugh at me to others, just like girls do.

Last time I’ve become friends with a girl it ended up in losing contact with her as she prefered her controlling bully boyfriend. Since that time I decided not to open myself to a girl again. I can be friends with them, but not any close ones.

Maybe someday I’ll meet a girl with who I’ll become BFFs and I honestly would like to, but I don’t have too much hopes for it after all my experience with female friends.



20 thoughts on “Why I don’t have girlfriends?

  1. Hey Anouska 🙂 Same problem here! Your talk is so relate-able ❤ I loved everything you said ! I read ALL your other posts even though it took time and serious dedication 🙂 I'm starting to write a book in English, I want you to be on my dedicating page (before the prologue) even though I'm nowhere near the start I will put you on the top. Do you watch any english shows? Can I be your e-friend?

  2. I can totally relate to everything you wrote. The women whom I considered my best friends in the past were some of the ones who hurt me the most. I’m grateful that I have a handful left that I can truly call my best friends. =) Thanks for the post – made me reflect on some things. ❤

  3. I don’t have a bunch of girlfriends myself. Never have actually.. Now my husband is my best friend and I have one best girl friend and a couple of other friends who i hang with and their husbands as well 🙂

  4. I completely agree. A girl and I had been best friends for about 8 years and she has ruined every relationship I’ve ever been in. I got fed up with it and let her go. Now my boyfriend and I have been together almost two years. I hate how girls do all they can to bring their friends down.

  5. I have to agree with you on this, I mean, I do have girl friends and my relationship with them is good. But there are times when I seek advice from my ‘men friends’. They are straight to the point and they tell when you are making a s**t out of your life. I just love how straight they can be when it comes to real life experiences.

    Do not worry, one day, you will have a BFF for real. One who will always be there no matter what happens 🙂 Have a great day!

  6. Following your blog a while, from what I read, you seem sad or have some unhappy past. As for friends, you don’t need to have a lot. Just one good one is enough. Till now, I really don’t know who are my true friends, because when in trouble, I’m always alone in trying to figure things out on my mind.

    I think I need a dog more than a friend, I love dogs, until after I figure out how to take good care of dogs, maybe I will get one. Dogs are always faithful, for sure they will keep your secrets, paying 100% attention to what you’re talking without talking back (maybe sometimes it will respond with a barking or two),dogs don’t talk bad things behind you.

    You’re still in Warsaw? Okay, you have a nice day!

    • Do you even read my posts sometimes? I didn’t say I don’t have friends or that I need a bunch of them. This post is about why I don’t have female friends. Pay more attention.

  7. I agree girls can be really scheming at times, but as a girl myself I would say , I have girl friends who have been really nice to me , in fact you yourself are a very nice person and your a girl!
    Remember men are ahead of us bcz a man never demeans another man , but women we are constantly tryn to pull each othr down.Just cz some of the girls you bumped across turned you down..duzn mean all are like tht.dont shut urself up to othr females, thr are the good ones. Being a woman , don’t insult yourself by saying girls are not capable of being good friends , they can , you just need to come across the right ones 🙂

    • I just said what was growing in me for a while. I’m a girl too that’s why I know how mean girls can be. And of course there are exceptions to every rule, but I just never have met a girl who I really could be good friends with and who wouldn’t betray me for a man who isn’t even worth her. I have always been more into guy friends. Maybe it comes from growing up with two older brothers (cousins actually, but they are very close family). Here are some nice girls I liked and you are one of them and I hope someday I will meet some girl in real life who could replace me my guys sometimes. It would nice to have a female friend 🙂

  8. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m the exact same way. Lately though, I’ve been talking to other female bloggers and we’ve become friends, but I wouldn’t say I have a real “best friend”. I hope we both find what we are looking for!

    • Thank you. When I talk to some girl I always feel cautious and I try to finish talk as soon as possible. Hopefully both of us will find someday a real female friend.

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