SLP#16: Strenght

I don’t know why I didn’t  mention it before. Since I was very young I was on my own. My parents have had my brother to take care of so I was relegated to the background.

I had no rules and no control so I was learning by myself what is good or what is bad and all the values I have now. It was hard for 12 years old. I was still a kid.

I’ve learnt to deal with all my problems alone and it stayed till now. I open myself to friends, but still I’m good in dealing with things by myself. It’s hard to even tell am I feeling good or bad.

Of course I have moments of weakness, but I think about problems, about fixing them and are they that bad to care about them so much. I analyze and in the end everything is good.

A lot of people say that it’s bad to hide all emotions inside, but it just works fine with me. The thing is that if I talk with friends about my problem, they usually tell me what I already know. I ask them for help when I really don’t know what to do and I’m lost in my feelings.

Of course I would like someone beside me, as friend, who will help me, but I’m good by myself and I’m strong so I know I’ll always handle things no matter what.



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