My love is furry

Love. What’s love? For me love is bloundless, pure, sincere. I’ve got such love only from my cat Leo. May he rest in peace.

It may be funny for most of the people, but those who ever had a cat or other pet would agree with me that they can love their owners.

Leo was always waiting for me on Friday evening when I was coming home for the weekend, he was sleeping with me, cuddling with me on every possible moment, he always was where I was.

I’ve had a lot of cats since I was small. They were born, raised and they ran away. The only cats that ever stayed with me were Leo’s mom and female cat who was with me since I remember. Their kittens always ran away when they were big or my family gave them away behind my back.

But Leo stayed. He was the best cat. Sweet, calm, nice. He meant the love for me. He still does.



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