Thank you, coordination!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? Yeah, probably I have. I don’t understand people who like winter. They probably never leave house to go to work or shopping that’s why they say it.

I walk a lot from flat to tramway stop, from tramway stop to mall, from mall to tramway stop and then again from tramway stop to the flat. It’s pure horror, I tell you!

Instead of walking you are skiing, you have to walk like a duck not to fall down. Women in heeled boots are my heros. I can’t imagine walking in it on such weather.

Ice and melted snow are making walking a dangerous adventure. I a lot of times almost fell on my ass which would probably cause broken bones. The closest to fall I was few weeks ago when I happilly managed to stop myself on ‘ski jumping’ position. For those who doesn’t know it, it looks similar to trying to sit on some low chair.

I don’t know how I manage not to fall this year, that’s why I want to thank very much my coordination for keeping me on my feet!



5 thoughts on “Thank you, coordination!

  1. But heels are perfect for the winter!! Just stick that heel in the ice and you’re good to go when with flat boots there’s more probability to slip and fall 😉

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