How to write a letter to ex best friend?

A lot of people stop by my blog by searching ‘a letter to my ex best friend’. Almost everyday someone finds my blog by it. So I decided to write my opinion about it. Maybe someone will find it helpful.

A while ago I wrote my own letter to ex best friend, even though she will never read it. It made me feel better. No matter if you are going to send your letter or not, writing it may help you to get rid of negative feelings.

My opinion on how to write it:

  • No matter if they are going to read it or not, try to keep it calm no matter how angry and hurted you are. Angry letter may only make you more angry.
  • Start your letter about telling them how you felt when they were your friends. Focus on good moments.
  • Explain what hurted you in their behaviour or what made you change your mind about your friendship.
  • Share your real feelings, even negative ones, but do it in calm way. Let it get out of you, not make you more mad.
  • Be nice and don’t blame. Only picture your point of view.
  • At the end of the letter tell them some nice words, like wishing them a good life and all the best. Don’t hold a grudge no matter what happened.

It took me over a year to write this letter. At the beginning I was angry, I was thinking very bad things about her and I only felt like insulting her.

But after so long time I calmed down and let my feelings become more reasonable. I still suffer, but her choice and her life. I can only accept her decision.

It’s not good to write a goodbye letter in angryness and when negative feelings have a control. Give it some time. A week, a monht or even a year if needed. Let your feelings calm down.

Life is too short to suffer about past, but I’m a supported of closing a chapter. I always say goodbye to my ex boyfriends no matter how much they hurted me or I hurted them and the same goes with friends. I try to finish it with good word, even if before I was angry and said a lot of bad things.

Finishing any kind of relation with angryness makes you feel bad. At least it makes me feel bad. When I finish relationship or friendship with a good word, wishing them a good life I feel better.

People come and go, but it’s only good to be a nice person and finish things in peace.



3 thoughts on “How to write a letter to ex best friend?

  1. Hi

    I’m thinking about writing a letter to someone I was once close friends with. I ended the friendship randomly one day I said I wanted to end it and not speak again. I felt a bit neglected like we weren’t seeing each other much.

    Two years ago or longer I tried to re add her on facebook and MySpace but she blocked me. I tried calling her last year but she’s half deaf. Her mum put her on the phone she didn’t speak but hung up.

    It’s been a few years but I have her address and was thinking of writing her a letter and speaking of the memories and good times we had and asking if she’d like to reconnect.

    Should I do it?

    I’m kinda scared she will reject me. I don’t wanna seem desperate or creepy.

    • Hi. Well, I understand your friend, because I’ve been in similar situation. But it’s always worth to try. Tell her how you felt the moment you ended it up and say you would like to reconnect with her again. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but at least you will stay in peace that you have done everything you could. Good luck! 🙂

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