Why I love being a girl

  • I can be mean and blame PMS.
  • I can cry on sad movie and it will be considered ‘cute’.
  • I have boobs. Boobs are good. Everyone loves boobs.
  • I can make myself pretty with few cosmetics.
  • I can get anything I want with puppy eyes and showing off cleavage.
  • I can dress in men’s style.
  • I can call another girl a ‘sexy b*tch’ and I won’t be named a lesbian.
  • I can punch a guy in the face without any big consequences.
  • I can wear heels to look taller.
  • I don’t need to pay on first dates.
  • I leave place at risk in the first place.
  • I can shake my bum to get attention.
  • I can use my period as an excuse to avoid any physical activity.
  • I can stay in bed all week after a break up and I won’t be called crazy.
  • I can say sweet words to my pet in public.
  • I can wear pink… everything.
  • I can cry if I don’t want to do something.
  • I can shave whole body (beside head) and I won’t be called a freak.
  • I can pretend scared on horror movie to be hugged by my date.
  • I can get a free drink at the club fluttering eyelashes.
  • I can get things done for me being sweet and flirty.
  • I can wear a variety of clothes.
  • I have an easier life, because I’m a girl.



8 thoughts on “Why I love being a girl

  1. And we deserve it cause after all it’s us that get’s PMS, blood and giving birth to babies! So we deserve to be spoiled and taken care of sometimes (or all time) 🙂

    I remember when I was little I was thinking thank god I’m not a boy cause otherwise I should be really strong and brave so no one would fight me 😀

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