Starting over

It’s already been a year since she ran away from her house. She remembers this day as if it happened yesterday. It was the worst day of her life. Thinking about it she has tears in her eyes.

It was a sunny and hot day. She finished her night shift at a local bar and she was walking home. She didn’t want to go back. It was a payday and she has got a lot of tips that night, but she knew her father will take everything away from her to buy himself an alcohol. She has been lying to him about how much she earns so she could have kept some money for her needs.

When she reached home she started making breakfast for her father as usual. Since her mother died they only have each other. Even though he is a drunk and spends all her money at alcohol, she can’t leave him. Without her he won’t survive. He is not the best father in the world, but still he is her father.

All of sudden she hears steps behind her. She turns around and sees her father. He is already drunk and he looks really angry. He keeps something in his hand. Oh, no! It’s her box of tampons where she hid her money. She thought he will never look for it there.

-You little slut!- he yelled- You thought I’ll never find these f*ckin money?!

Before she could react he hit her that she fell on the floor. He started hitting her calling the worst words. Fortunately, he was too drunk that after a minute he fainted. She couldn’t take it anymore. He hit her before, but it was too much. She earned this money with her hard work and he has no rights for them.

She quickly washed her face from all the blood and took the money he kept in his hand. She didn’t have a lot of time so she immediately packed her stuff and left house. Before he wakes up and realized she is gone she can reach the capital where he will never find her.

She lived there for almost ten months until she met this guy. She fell in love with him immediately. He promised her a happy life far away from a place where she suffered so much.

Two months later she is in London, exactly a year after she ran from her father. She can’t believe she is that lucky. She left her small town, met a man of her life and moved to an amazing city. Shy smile appears on her face as she looks out the window at night lights of London.

She can’t wait for sunrise to start her new life.



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