Relations without future

Before I used to think that every relationship I go into should be serious. I was looking for a guy to spend life with or at least have a long term relation. But with time and age I realized I’m too young for it.

I didn’t live my life yet and I don’t know what I’m looking for so I decided not to look for love. I like having a male company, have someone to go out with, have fun, even have sex, but at the moment I prefer more friendship than relationship agreement.

When I’m in my town I often see girls from my school who are mostly younger than me a year or two with few years old babies and a husband, who happened to be their first boyfriend who they got pregnant with.

I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t want to find some average boyfriend, accidentally get pregnant and spend the rest of my life in a place which I always wanted to leave.

I want to travel, have fun, meet different people, check my options, gain experience and learn what boyfriend I really want to have.

Even though we are in 21st century people still seem to judge people who only have eg. sexual relation with someone or who are dating different men and women every week.

Why wouldn’t they? Life is short, we are young and we should learn and experience a lot before we decide to be a husband/wife and parents.

Many people still seem to be scared to get closer to someone who they know at the beginning that they have no fututre with. They want, but are scared. Scared of what? Broken heart? If they hope for impossible they will surely suffer, but if they focus on fun part everything will be great.

I’m happy as single and I want to have as much fun as possible, but I also don’t exclude an option that tommorow I won’t fall in love to death with some amazing guy and I won’t marry him a month later.

Everything can happen, but I’ll take what life gives me at the moment and I won’t look for anything.



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