SLP#13: How to love yourself

1. Think positive

It sounds boring, because that’s what everyone says, but it really helps. If you think positive about yourself you will like yourself more and see yourself in better light.

2. Believe what people say about you

I try to believe in what my friends say about me. It’s hard, because I’m used to think about myself only bad things, but I try to keep it aside and believe I’m not that bad.

3. Write somewhere good things about yourself

I mostly use my blog for it. I used to have a little notebook in which I was writing nice things about myself. I unfortunately lost it on the way of growing up, but I think about making it again. If I had my own place I would put notes on my fridge to see all the time how great I am.

4. Improve your imperfections

We all want to feel good in our own skin and in our own company so it’s important to change what we don’t like. I don’t like my weight so I try to eat rationally and do some exercises everyday. I don’t like that I’m mean sometimes so I do my best to be nice to everyone even thought sometimes it doesn’t work out.

5. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself

Not everyone will like us so we will meet on the way some people who will tell us that we are fat and ugly or we are egoistic and no one will ever love us. I heard those , but I’m strong enough not to care about them anymore. Those are just meant to hurt us.



5 thoughts on “SLP#13: How to love yourself

  1. I am so happy I just stumbled across your blog from a fashionforlunch blog comment you left! It is such a cheery little spot and I plan on stopping back often! Thank you for this post in particular. ❤ Just what I needed to read right now.

  2. Nice post dear 🙂 its true , we may not get only people who will love us …. i too have met people who just discourage us … best way is to avoid such friends !! surround ur self with only people who can make u smile 🙂

    good day 🙂

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