This deja vu feeling…

When I used to be younger I had kind of prophetic dreams. They didn’t concern any important issues just some random life situations. I never remember what dreams I had until I experience those situations in life.

It’s weird actually… How can you dream about future? I don’t know how deja vu works exactly, but it happened to me too often.

When I watch tv, browse through Internet, chat with friends or sit in a tram I suddently get a feeling I saw this situation before.

When I used to be a teen I had such dreams quiet often. What a shame they never concern Lotto numbers! That would be awesome!

I don’t understand deja vu, but I think it’s interesting. Maybe I’ll learn more about it.



2 thoughts on “This deja vu feeling…

  1. There is a Chinese saying – if you often think of certain things in daytime, when you sleep, you will dream of these things. Maybe you think too much or you have the power prophecy?!

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