Love a fluffy thing

I love animals. Any kind. Mostly cats, because they are so sweet and funny. I treat them almost like humans. I care about their feelings, I like them to feel good and I make sure they are comforted. They are more than just a pet for me.

I’m not going to hide I like people who have pets, especially cats. Everyone likes dogs (everyone from people who like animals). But cats are mostly hated. They say cats are egoistic, mean, etc. If you make your cat hates or you will spoil it sure he will be egoistic and mean.

There is an old saying that people who don’t like animals are evil. I somehow agree with it Most likely if I meet someone who I like at the beginning I’ll stop the same moment if they tell me they don’t like animals.

In my opinion, people who like or better who have pets are more caring, more empathetic, more helpful.

I loved each and every of my pets. Obviously the most I loved Leo, who was with me since I remember. Now I love Leona and I can’t imagine not having a pet. I treat cats like babies. I worry about them, I care about them, I protect them.

How can someone not love such sweet creature?




4 thoughts on “Love a fluffy thing

  1. Those kitten pictures are adorable 🙂 I have two cats, I think one of them was a human in his past life. They are just the most adorable creatures. I prefer animals to humans most of the time! x

  2. Don’t have good impression of cats. In my place, cats no longer catch mice and as a result, my place is quite rat-infested. People feed the cats so well, that the cats feel there is no need to catch mice.

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