The word means nothing

Once upon a time word had the same value as written agreement. Now it means totally nothing.

It doesn’t matter is it about big or small thing, but if I give my word I do my best to keep it. If there is something what bothers me in fulfilling my promise I say it and apologize. What a shame rest of people around me don’t do it.

‘I’ll call you/talk to you later’

When someone tells me they will call or talk to me later I expect that they will do it. When they add an hour I wait at the exact time for them. And guess what? They never call/talk and never say sorry.

‘I will meet you on {day}’

If friends tells me they will meet me I expect they will do it. I make plan for whole day to be able to meet them and do other things I planned and few hours before the meeting I get a text that they are sorry they can’t meet me. It is ok, things happen, but if it happens 5 times in a row I’m going mad. If you say you meet me then and there why don’t you make a plan around it to actually meet me?

‘I promise I won’t tell anyone’

There are really few people I still trust when they say it. If I dare to share something personal with someone I expect them to keep it for themselves, not tell my secrets in confidence to 10 other people. Well, if I wanted them to know I would tell them myself.

I wish someday a word will be something more than just letters coming out of the mouth. It’s sad that in those times there are not too many people who we can believe without blenching.



One thought on “The word means nothing

  1. Hi Anouska,

    This is a sad fact of life. I suppose you have gone through a lot of hardships and met many bad people who failed your trust. I hope some day you will find someone whom you can believe in.

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