SLP#12: Understanding

I always could imagine myself in other person’s shoes. I could imagine how they felt, what they thought. Maybe not exactly as them, but still. I don’t know where I’ve got it from.

I think that empathy I feel helps me to understand people who are going through bad days.

A lot of people, friends or even random Facebook friends, opened themselves in front of me. Just like that. I never really understood why is that.

Because of Self Love Project I was thinking about it. Maybe my ability to understand people make them trust me and share their life with me.

Maybe my care, empathy and understanding make me a good listener and helper to anyone who needs it.



One thought on “SLP#12: Understanding

  1. Since I signed up to your blog, ‘unfortunately’ you will have one more person that needs you to listen to ! I leave it to you to decide whether this is good or bad! Wish you a good week ahead.

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