Is every friendship worth fighting for?

Each of us have a friend in our lives who is special for us and who we would like to have around for a very long time. Unfortunately, not all of our special friends feel the same towards us.

A while ago I wrote a post as a letter to my ex best friend which was a first case for me when fighting for friendship is useless. She chose a man who controlled all her life and forced her to stop being friends with me.

Yesterday, another special friend of mine proved me that fighting for friendship is hopeless.

I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with for a big part of last few years, but in last few months I’ve changed. I’m calmer, I think before I speak and I don’t explode that easy anymore.

But it doesn’t matter, because this friend of mine (as everyone else, I guess) will never see the change in me. He will only judge and see me by who I was not who I’m now.

For last few weeks or even months I’ve been trying so hard to show him I’m different now. I kept my mouth shut even if I was upset with something, I was chitty-chatty even though it doesn’t happen too much. I’ve been trying hard to ‘please’ him and put aside behaviour he didn’t like.

Everything was good until I showed that even though I’ve changed, I still have feelings and I can be sad or upset. And all I heard was a story which included my past behaviour which has nothing to do with present one.

Then I asked myself a question: Is it worth? Is it worth to fight alone for this friendship?

I’ve fought for few friendships, but since it was one side I gave up. But in this case it’s different. It isn’t some random friend. He is like a big brother for me, someone who I could count on when I needed, someone whose advices I always listened to.

But I’m tired to be the only one who is trying. I know I wasn’t the best friend most of the time, but I tried to make things right. But he doesn’t see it at all. I doubt he ever will.

Even though it hurts me so much, I think it’s time to let go….



5 thoughts on “Is every friendship worth fighting for?

  1. well, you can’t always expect the fight to be from both sides
    sometimes even a person doesn’t know they need saving and as lpong as this person is worth it, you shouldn’t stop trying

  2. sorry to hear. friends are suppose to have some sense of understanding. no one is or can be in top form all the time. i’ve ended my share of friendships b/c the other person couldn’t handle my limitation. she showed no understanding. i realized when i dreaded the thought of calling her and of the phone ringing and it might be her. it’s over but she’s friend’s with my partner and is constantly asking her to do things for her. what she ended up doing to me and my partner makes me wonder why my partner helps her. she feels she had already promised. she calls our house all the time. i try not to let it bother me. but when a friendship is over it really is over. jk ps thanks for listening and goo luck ur self. have a great new year.

    • Well, you could ask your partner to be friends with her away from you and your house phone. Honestly, it seems like this person was using your partner for favors… Hope it ends up good for you and you will have peace from her 🙂 Thank you and have a happy new year as well 🙂

      • I tried to subtly proach the subject but didnt work. Will just not answer unknown callers unless expecting a call. most people i talk to i use skype. thanks for the idea. how are things going in the new year? hope all is well. jk

        • Things are not bad, but also not good. Everything is normal. And funny thing, because friend I was talking about in this post talked to me the next day after we had a really bad fight 🙂

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