SLP#11: Help

I’ve always cared about everyone else more than I care about myself, that’s why whenever someone asks me for help (or don’t even ask just say they are in bad situation) I’ll always do my best to help them.

I don’t like when people around me are sad or upset. Their mood somehow always becomes my mood as well.

I imagine myself in their position and I try to find some solutions for their situation. I can’t give up until they are happy. It’s stronger than me. Like some inner power was ‘forcing’ me to help them till the end. ‘Forcing’ is not the best word, but you know what I mean, right?

I want everyone around me to be happy and I doubt it will ever change. I often get upset or sad, because of a stranger who I’ll probably never see in my life. I’m too sensitive for other people’s pain.



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