Christmas: Day 2

The only good thing in Christmas is food.

Red borscht with dumplings and pierogi with mushroom and cabbage is something what I wait for every year. I can buy them in shop obviously, but it won’t taste the same as my aunt’s cooking!

That’s the only thing that makes me happy in this time of the year.

Beside that it’s nightmare. Windy Christmas evening in small town is like scene from horror movie and there is no public transport at all! I don’t sleep enough, because I spend time with family till late evening and I have to wake up in the early morning!

In Poland we celebrate three Christmas days (24-26) so there is a lot of food, which I can’t resist so I’m afraid to check my weight after. I failed in my diet and 21 days rule! I’m disappointed with myself!

I can’t wait for Christmas to end to sleep well and lose some weight instead of gaining!



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