My Top 5 Anti-Christmas Activities

1. Relaxing

Christmas is time to relax not running like crazy through mall and spending money we don’t have, because everyone thinks gifts are the most important + cleaning like crazy as if house should be dirty for other 364 days in a year.

2. Vacation

I would gladly go for 2 weeks vacation to Rio de Janeiro, including Christmas and New Year, sunbath on Copacabana, drink the best drinks and party every night in different club.

3, Shopping

If I’m about to spend too much money at pretty things I would buy them to myself. Making myself happy is the most important.

4. Watching TV

Christmas Eve is the best time to spend it in pijama in front of TV watching funny movies and eating kilogrammes of lemon and raspberry sorbet.

5. Living normal life

People are getting crazy before Christmas, that’s why I prefer to treat it as any other day in a year and do one of points mentioned above (hopefully next year!).



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