I hate Christmas

Since few weeks I see everyone being so happy about Christmas and that they can’t wait for it. I’m wondering is there anyone sharing my dislike for Christmas?

I liked Christmas (and other holidays) when I was regular student and had classes on weekdays. Holiday=break. If I could I wouldn’t celebrate any holiday at all. It’s useless and sensless for me. All this stress and money loss for one evening which we won’t spend on celebrating the coming of Jesus into the world, anyway.

Christmas is time for family to meet, share gifts and spend some time together before everyone goes back to their real life. Well, my family isn’t close at all (I don’t only mean me and my parents) and we don’t give each other gifts anymore (we gift only kids).

Spending time with ‘family’ is a nightmare for me. I only sit there, eat and wait when I finally go home. Plus, Christmas now is all about gifts instead of real celebration of birth of Jesus.

All preparations are for one dinner with people we see daily and also there is huge chance there will be an uncle or cousin we hate and don’t want to be around, even though we see them once per year. Running like crazy through a mall looking for gifts for family and friends, spending too much money for things we don’t need, because we need to gift ourselves too is insane! Decorations and discounts force us to buy something even if we don’t want it. All this cleaning every corner is crazy. Shouldn’t your house be clean all year? Oh and cooking for 50 people even though there will only be 10. All of this for few hours of hearing aunts criticizing your hair or outfit and saying you shouldn’t eat so much, because you are fat already. We have to smile even though we want to kill all of them. So much fun!

I would rather spend Christmas in my pijama, eating ice cream and watching some silly movie. I hope I will achieve it next year!




3 thoughts on “I hate Christmas

  1. Hey sweetie! Its been forever since I have showed up on here! Heck I havent even had a chance to post on my blog.Fixing that tonight πŸ™‚ But I totally agree with you although I love christmas because of the whole family getting together part although some of them dont like me and vice versa but atleast this way we see each other but I have been talking to people lately about Christmas has become a gimmick. Long lines at the mall, fake sales where people are forced to spend tons of money on gifts that they cant afford and end up using their credit cards leading to debt. Everyone tries to one up each and other with how much they spent on presents and so on….very sad…

    • Awww welcome back! πŸ™‚ I used to like Christmas long time ago, but since I live in the city and I see this madness starting at the beginning of November I realized no one is celebrating actual birth of Jesus so I started treating it as another day in the calendar πŸ™‚

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