Are we going to die today, again?

I think it’s like 3rd End of the World that I’m experiencing. First one was in 2000, then 2001 and now 2012.

I think, how many seers as many opinions about Apocalypse. I don’t believe any.

I personally, don’t understand why anyone does. I respect people’s opinions about it and if someone believes it, it is ok, but I want to ask why?

Because someone who claims they see future said that? Becuase some ancient latinos said so?

I believe in science. I would believe that world would end if large meteor was heading towards Earth. I believe in God as well and if there was something in Bible about 21.12.2012 I would probably believe it too, but I don’t remember hearing anything about it in church.

But seers and Mayans? I’m sorry, but it’s one big bullshit for me, even though I believe there might be some supernatural force.

I can also say now that world will end, let’s say, on 12.12.2121. What is the difference between me and Mayans, for example? The only difference is that I’m normal person and they are ancient people who danced around in leather skirts (which, it seems, makes them more reliable, than me).

21.12.2012 became just a good date for commercial industry. There are a lot of discounts for the end of the world, people buying a lot of supplies to survive, but I think that end of the world means we will all die, right?

I wish you all, dear readers, a happy end of the world! (:




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