Internet makes people fake

Last week I’ve written a post about how Internet makes people stupid to plan dream love online. Today I want to talk about people making fake personalities and looks online.

I’ve been spending some of my online time in social games on Facebook since around 4 years now. I’m not able to count how many fakes were revealed.

There are two types of fakes: personality and appearance.

By appearance fake I mean people who pretend someone else. They use pictures of beautiful girls or handsome guys as their own telling everyone that this is how they look like. In some cases, I can understand using fake pictures if someone doesn’t want to show their real face, due to their own reasons, but using fake pictures as their own is lame.

By personality fake I mean people who are simple ass lickers. They love everyone around saying sweet words even to strangers just to gain some online popularity, especially in those games. It’s impossible to like and accept everyone, no matter online or in real life. That’s why such behaviour is making me sick. I don’t understand why people humiliate themselves in front of strangers to get fake attention and popularity.’

There is one girl from those games who used to be a friend of few of my friends who seem to totally lose her sanity. She told 3 of my friends (who I’m aware of at least) that she will come to meet them on vacation.

She told one of them that she is in hotel in his city, but she is very sick all the time so she can’t meet him. For her back luck, he had a number to her house and he called there and her mother told him that she didn’t travel anywhere and that she is home right now. Two other friends, she said that she is on her way to their countries, but she is stuck on airports, because there are some problems with flights and that she is traveling from airport to airport in different countries to reach them in the end, which of course never happened. What’s more she also used a pic of her sister saying it’s her.

I understand many people have low self esteem and don’t like their look or they think they are not cool and pretty enough to make people like them, but pretending someone else or lying that they are traveling to meet someone is the worst thing they can do. They thought people will like them more when they are beautiful and too sweet or when they say they will meet them in person even if it didn’t work out in the end?

Internet can give us new friends, but if we lie who we really are it will take friends away.

I’m not beautiful or sexy, I have tough personality and I’m hard to handle, but I have friends anyway. I can’t imagine myself pretending I’m someone else to have a lot of friends in fake world. Sooner or later, someone would find out I’m lying. It’s all not worth it.

We are who we are, we look how we look, but there are always people who will like and appreciate us just the way we are.

If we don’t like who we are we should go to a shrink  and ask for help, instead of making fake personality/appearance online which can make our psyche even worse.



2 thoughts on “Internet makes people fake

  1. In an online world full of deception and fakeness, our encounter with reality may never occur!
    I find you beautiful by the way, and it’s a sincere compliment 🙂

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