21 days to change

Have you ever heard about ’21 days rule’? I’ve read somewhere lately that 21 days is enough to get rid of or get used to something for lifetime. All we need is a strong will.

For example, if you stop eating sweets for 3 weeks, after that time you may not want to eat them anymore or if you listen to music lower than usual (even if you may not hear it too clear), after 21 days you may get used to it and may not need to listen it louder anymore.

I decided to try it myself. For the next 21 days I’ll try to get used to daily exercise and rational eating. It will be my first step to change my life for better and healthier.

If you want to try it yourself, you can also start with something small, like not drinking soda or coffee.

I’m curious how it will end up. I’ve heard that you can get addicted to exercising and I hope it will happen to me (in a healthy way of course). Rational eating may be hard, especially while 3 Christmas days next week, but this will be a very good practice for my  strong will.

The most important is to start now, not tommorow or next week.



2 thoughts on “21 days to change

  1. I had tried that and it worked. I decided before to do pilates even though i am so lazy. I told myself to just get the fuck out of my bed and do it for 21 days. It was tough. But it paid off after. I had been into pilates for 3 months, but when college started again, I was so busy and lose all the interest with pilates and now I struggle. Goodluck 🙂


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