A perfect morning

I’ve always been an early bird. No matter what time I’m going sleep at (10pm or 3am), I always wake up around 8am, eventually 9am the latest.

I like mornings more than any other time of the day. They are calm and easy.

I always need time to wake myself up, that’s why I like to wake up early and spend some time in bed drinking warm raspberry juice and check all the news.

I don’t understand people who sleep till the afternoon. They actually waste all day. After they wake up they need some time yet to start functioning and before they are ready to ‘go’ it’s already evening.

I like to take as much as I can from the day.

Also, if I have something to do outside, morning is the best moment for it. It’s still calm and slow, it’s not croudy.

What’s my perfect morning? Pijama, rasberry juice and a funny show.

I don’t need that much to be glad.



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